Tekken 7’s First DLC Arrives On August 31, Brings Bowling And New Costumes

The first piece of DLC for Tekken 7 now has a release date. As revealed earlier, Tekken Bowl makes for a return, now known as Ultimate Tekken Bowl. With the relatively few modes in the fighting game as it is, it’s good to have off-beat modes like this in the mix.

Alongside the new mode will be more costumes. Female characters will get the most, of course, with new Idol Master-themed outfits and bikinis made available for them. Male characters each will get the Fundoshi (though Akuma already had this in the base game) and some vintage 1920’s bathing suits. Xiaoyu and Alisa will also get school uniforms as seen in the Tekken Blood Vengeance CG movie.

All this content is tied to the Season Pass, however. So you will need to pay up to get access to all of these.

The next DLC will come later this year which should add guest character Geese Howard of Fatal Fury and King Of Fighters fame, among other yet unannounced content.

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