Tekken 7 Getting A New Balance Update This Week, Next Entry Teased?

At EVO 2022, Bandai Namco announced three things. The first is a new update coming to Tekken 7. This will bring some balance adjustments and will be available later this week on August 13.

Next is that the Global Finals for the Tekken World Tour will be an in-person event. This year’s Tekken 7 pro circuit will conclude on February 4-5 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Lastly, we get a teaser. The footage is the Tekken 1 ending for Kazuya Mishima, throwing his father Heihachi down a cliff (that may or may not be a volcano), a lifelong family and series tradition.

But it cuts at the end of Kazuya’s PS1-era awkward smirk to a modern rendition of a Kazuya smirk, with an announcer saying “get ready”.

So what is the next battle then? Is this Tekken 8? A reboot/remake restarting from the Tekken 1 timeline? Who knows. But it got the crowd at EVO 2022, and the fighting game community in general, in hype mode already.

Tekken 7 first debuted on the arcades before it was released on PC and consoles in 2017. Since then, the 3D fighting game has been steadily maintained with DLC releases and regular balance changes.

Bandai Namco might not be in a hurry to reveal the next Tekken game yet, but we know something is coming for sure with this tease.

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