Teases Suggest New Prey DLC/Expansion Coming Soon

It looks like Prey, the very good immersive sim from last year which bears no relation to Prey from 2006, may be receiving some new content.

Over on Twitter, a new tweet is teasing something related to the moon. The main game puts you as Morgan Yu in the Talos I space station owned by Transtar Corporation, located close to the moon, but the way the teaser GIF is shown might point to a future DLC/expansion related to it.

But the vague tweet is not the only tease we got. VG 24/7 found out that there was new Twitter account, KasmaCorp, was created. In-game, Kasma Corporation is the rival of Transtar, which has been doing corporate espionage to uncover, and exploit, the research done on Talos I. Early on, employees of developers Arkane Studios were the first followers of this account.

Some sleuthing by reddit user SHAPE_IN_THE_GLASS, who found a detailed base located on the moon within the game, prompted a reply under the thread, from a user named.. KasmaCorp. The reply was in binary, reading “The moon is a harsh mistress.” There has been a few more replies by the user afterwards.

Arkane Studios has made DLCs and expansions for their releases- Dishonored had The Knife Of Dunwall DLC and Dishonored 2 received the standalone expansion Death Of The Outsider, both featuring new playable characters with new gameplay mechanics. There’s no reason to not see Prey getting more content, either as a DLC or a standalone expansion, given it’s a good game but with some baggage thanks to its choice of name.

Should there be an announcement for new content, expect to see it really soon, or until E3 begins where Bethesda once again will be doing a press conference.

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Source: VG 24/7

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