Team Sonic Racing Shows Off Its Extensive Car Customisation Options

Team Sonic Racing was supposed to release sometime late last year but was delayed. But hey, at least it’s coming out this year. At SXSW, a new trailer debuted showing off its extensive car customisation, by an arcade kart racer’s standards.

There are performance parts that you can change, each with boosts and drawbacks to stats. There are also legendary parts shown in the trailer. There’s plenty of horns, of course. But the killer feature here is the paint feature, which also lets you slap on vinyls. It remains to be seen if it is as complex and powerful as the livery editors in the Forza, Need For Speed or even Gran Turismo games, but it’s cool feature to see.

Team Sonic Racing is mashing together bits of character-based team games into an arcade racer. It will be out on May 21st for the PS4, PC (Steam), Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Via Destructoid

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