Take A Look At The Fun Tone Of Fortnite In This Cinematic Trailer

Fortnte has taken a long time to take shape- 6 years. It is now finally ready for Early Access, with plans of going free-to-play for everyone by 2018. This is a similar model as seen in Epic’s other new game, the MOBA Paragon which started development later than Fornite and is now out in its full free-to-play form.

To build up on the anticipation of the Early Access hype, Epic revealed the cinematic launch trailer. Fortnite is a game about building a base by scavanging parts before defending against a horde of zombies. Think Minecraft tower defense infused with class-based third-person shooter. But unlike other Epic games, Fortnite has a fun and cartoony tone to it. Here’s an ideal situation of a team of four setting up a base and defending it in style.

Take a look below:

Forninte launches into Early Access on July 25 on the PS4, PC and Xbox One. Those who pre-order will get an even earlier access on July 21. The game will be free-to-play for everyone sometime next year.

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