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Tak Fujii’s Gal Metal Coming To The West This Fall

Eccentric man with his new game gets English release!


Ex-Konami staff and all around eccentric man, Tak Fujii (in conjunction with DMM Games)  released their newest title Gal Metal for the Nintendo Switch back in February for Japan. The game centers on you fighting aliens with your excellent add-lib drumming skill. Oh,have I forgotten to tell you that it’s a rhythm game?

The game will see players take use of the Joy-Cons to rock along with the music as they create their own complex performances and rack up millions of points using personal free-form drum lines based on over a dozen different beats.

For us English speaking audience wanting to try out this interesting game, rejoice! As XSEED Games and Marvelous Europe have announced a western release for Gal Metal.

The game will launch for the Switch sometime this fall in North America and Europe (and probably Asia as well) via the eShop and retail this fall, so expect it to be in stores around August until October this year.