Sweet Transit Is A “Train-Driven” City Builder, Launching In Early Access In 2022

Team17 revealed an upcoming new game by solo developer Ernestas Norvaišas. Sweet Transit is described to be a “train-driven” city builder, where building a good network of steam-powered trains is the key to expanding your city.

Norvaišas previously worked as a 3D artist for systems-driven industrial sim Factorio, and you can see a similar aesthetic being channelled in Sweet Transit. Albeit with an isometric perspective this time.

The rail network is your plaything, and you can design it however you want, as long as it can get the goods and people from one settlement to the other. As you progress, you can upgrade trains from being powered by steam to diesel, as you progress through the era.

It’s an interesting twist. Instead of continuing to expand the city and add transit on top of it later, Sweet Transit explores the time where cities grow from having access to trains. It’s already a neat twist that should pique a city builder fan’s interest, and get train enthusiasts (and maybe even Factorio fans) excited. A whole game dedicated to making train networks.

Sweet Transit also confirms right out of the gate that mod support will be included, including Steam Workshop support.

Sweet Transit aims to capture the satisfaction of creating intricate systems that all work together in harmony,” said Ernestas Norvaišas. “It’s a game where you can really settle in and enjoy solving unique challenges every time you play. I’m a huge fan of city builders and trains, and Sweet Transit really is a bit of my love letter to both. I can’t wait to share more of what we’ve been working on soon.”

Sweet Transit will enter Steam Early Access sometime in 2022.

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