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Sweden Returns For Civilization VI: Gathering Storm, Now A Cultural Powerhouse


Another new playable civilisation is revealed for Civilization VI: Gathering Storm expansion. This time it’s Sweden. Similar to their first appearance in Civ V, Sweden has a diplomatic bonus and a focus on Great People.

Their unique ability, Nobel Prize, gives them extra Diplomatic Favour (so you can have more say in the new World Congress) when earning Great People. They also can gain Great Engineer and Great Scientist faster. By the Industrial era, if Sweden is in the game, there will be three unique World Congress competitions, the Nobel Prize.

Sweden’s other bonuses all tied to the mechanics introduced in the previous Rise And Fall expansion.¬†They can build the Open-Air Museum, a unique improvement. You can only build one per city but it increases Loyalty. It also adds Culture and Tourism “for each type of terrain in which at least one Swedish city has been founded”.

So you are encouraged to settle on different terrain for those big, culture bonuses.

Sweden also has the Carolean, a unique anti-cavalry unit gained during the Renaissance era. It has faster movement and is more powerful if it attacks with spare movement points.

As for the leader, this time Sweden is lead by Kristina. Response to the choice of leader has been mixed due to the history of the leader- just check the comments on the trailer video.

Kristina’s unique ability, Minerva Of The North, allows her to build a unique building, Queen’s Bibliotheque for the Government Plaza. It has two Great Work slots and you gain access to an extra Governor for building it.

In addition, buildings with at least three Great Work Slots and Wonders with at least two Great Work slots will get themed bonuses automatically once all slots are filled.

This makes Sweden in Civ VI Gathering Storm viable for a wide playstyle, founding many cities. The focus on Great People will also give the game a good rival for Brazil, which also has strengths on that aspect. The bonuses also make Sweden a cultural powerhouse.

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm releases on February 14th for PC (Steam).

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