Suprise State Of Play Reveals The PS5 UI

Sony has been coy with showing the PS5 UI in full. Now it has revealed what it looks like to boot up the PS5 and use it, in a surprise State Of Play broadcast.

The 11 minute video shows a more refinied user experience. The layout is similar to the PS4, but rounder and sleeker.

The PS5 UI now shows “cards”, a quick glance of things. In the cards, there’s also Activities, where the UI recommends you to jump into a specific part of the game you have on straight from the console main menu.

You can also get hints, in-game helps for certain games and can be in the form of video. It can even be pinned whilst playing. This is only available for PS Plus members.

Notifications can be interacted directly without needing to leave the game. Like joining a voice chat. Share screens can also be pinned in picture-in-picture mode, like the hints.

Cards also highlight games your friends are playing, and with one button press you’ll launch that game and join that friend’s party immediately.

Going to the PS5 main menu whilst in-game will have the game still be visible in the background- at least for Sackboy: A Big Adventure.

The new PlayStation home screen looks similar, but the long bars are now placed up high and very tiny- though it should look good on a 4K screen.

The Explore button is a news feed that will launch in the US first.

The PlayStation Store isn’t a separate app- it’s part of the console, so it should be more faster.

You can also share screenshots and videos not only to social media, but to your party of friends. And developers can tag the media if they contain spoilers- handy.

Take a look at the State Of Play video here:

Source: PlayStation Blog

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