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Super Mario Odyssey Announced For Nintendo Switch


3D platforming is back in style! Yooka-Laylee isn’t the only one to release this year as Nintendo’s lovable plumber is back with a full 3D outing since Super Mario Galaxy 2 on the Wii.

This time Mario embarks on an odyssey across multiple dimensions (including a level with regular humans- please don’t do what Sonic ’06 did) to save Princess Peach, again. But this time the stakes are higher, as main baddie Bowser isn’t just kidnapping Peach, he’s about to marry her.

Of course, Mario games has never been the story, it’s about slick controls, fun platforming and its whimsical style and polish. Check out the first trailer below:

While the platforming seems solid as shown in the trailer, it is hinting at a gimmick of sorts with Mario’s hat. The hat can now be thrown like a boomerang, but it also sports a pair of googly eyes now. Interesting.

Super Mario Odyssey will not be out on the Switch’s launch on March 3, however. It is aimed for release in Holiday 2017. The year end is still a long wait, but it should be worthwhile.