Super Mario Maker 2’s Nintendo Direct Showcases New Story Mode, Multiplayer And Super Mario 3D World Theme

Super Mario Maker 2, the sequel to the Wii U make-your-own-Mario-level game, gets a meaty features breakdown via a recent Nintendo Direct.

This is the first time the game gets a full showcase of features, and the 15-minute Direct explains all that is new for the sequel, aside from just diagonal conveyor belts.

There is now a Story mode, build around Mario running courses to earn coins to build back Princess Peach’s castle. This will feature over 100 Nintendo-made courses.

Multiplayer is also a new addition. You can have two players build courses. There is also local and online multiplayer where you run the courses, either co-op or versus.

The Direct also goes through the many new things you can add to your custom courses. Custom scrolling speed, new sound effects and new music from famed composer Koji Kondo and many new course themes are just a few examples. The new Super Mario 3D World theme is also added, which has tons more unique objects only available for the theme, including catsuits.

You can watch the full Nintendo Direct here:

Super Mario Maker 2 will be out on June 28th for the Nintendo Switch.

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