Street Fighter V’s Story Mode Detailed, All DLC Characters Playable

Street Fighter V may have missed its monthly update schedule last month, but developers Capcom are now explaining what is coming up in June, the long awaited Story Mode. A proper, “cinematic” one better than the prologues currently offered.

Titled “A Shadow Falls”, the story takes place between Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter III, placing Ryu, Ken and Chun-Li facing against Shadaloo, headed by M. Bison, who is harvesting unlimited power via seven “Black Moons”.

This doesn’t mean it will solely focused on the four characters, as the other World Warriors have their own part of the story, so all 22 characters are playable. Yes, all 16 base characters AND the 6 DLC characters, including the upcoming Ibuki, and the yet-to-release Juri, Urien and Balrog, are all playable in the Story Mode.

All the 6 DLC characters, and Ryu, in one cool poster.

However, Capcom is saying that these characters are mostly a preview, as they are still working on getting the other three characters to be properly balanced and “tournament ready”.

The Story Mode is 3-4 hours long only, so don’t expect a major time sink from it. Finishing it will net you 30,000 Fight Money, and doing it again in Extra Mode (a higher difficulty) will give you 50,000 Fight Money.

Looks decent so far. Hopefully this addition should make purchasing Street Fighter V worthwhile.

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