Street Fighter V’s Next Character Juri Will Arrive On Schedule

Capcom was struggling to get each piece of DLC coming at the end of every month, but for July it looks like they are well on track.

Next character of the season is Juri, the South Korean fighter introduced in Street Fighter IV who is both alluring and sadistic in nature. She was playable in last month’s story mode update, but now she is a full-on character that is available for season pass owners, or can be purchased with in-game Fight Money or its real currency equivalent.

Check out her trailer below:

Looks like she has some amazing moves for those who has great executions. It will take practice to get the hang of her moveset.

With Juri out, we can expect the last character DLC of the season, Street Fighter III’s Urien, to appear next month. Juri will be available by the 26th June.

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