Street Fighter V’s March Update Finally Detailed

Street Fighter V launched last month. The hardcore players love it! Most people however may not have the same experience. Plenty of features had to be held back, and the content shipped on disc was rather lacklustre. Time for some free updates then!

As promised, Challenge Mode will finally be unlocked. This mode will provide a better tutorial, better than the one appearing the first time you boot up the game. It will explain in detail on the basics, and some advanced level stuff as well such as hit priorities, combo potential, and frame advantage. There’s also trials for each character that requires you to do some combos, perfect for those who prefer guidance from within the game rather external resources like guides and combo videos available online.

There will also some additions to online functions too. Online lobbies – dubbed the “Battle Lounge”- has finally added more seats. Up to 8 players (from 2 previously) can join in and hang out, fight each other while the others have the option to be spectators of the fight. Ranked and Causal matches can now be done in a set of three best of two if so preferred.

All of these, and various bug fixes, will come in March 28.

For March 30, the in-game store will finally be open. You can then buy the costumes unlocked for beating the super-short and trivial Story mode from the shop for 40,000 Fight Money each. DLC characters are currently price at 100,000 Fight Money. Sounds reasonable. Ryu’s and Chu-Li’s Story mode costumes will be given to everyone for free.

But micro-transactions, done with another currency called Zenny, won’t be available anytime soon. There’s no ETA yet. Until then, all the upcoming DLC characters will be available to everyone as a “trial”. You can earn progression and buy costumes for them, and all will still be stored. You just need to purchase it with Fight Money or Zenny once the trial is over, except for Season Pass owners who will get all 6 currently announced characters to keep, plus some costumes and a new stage.


Speaking of DLC characters, Alex will appear in the March 30 update as well. Last seen in the one-off game Tastunoko VS Capcom, and before that, the Street Fighter III series, he is a formidable grappler with some great normals of good range. Also, just look at him. Compared to Ryu, he’s huge! As mentioned, everyone get to try out Alex, so try him out while it’s free.

Confusing? It certainly is. You can check out the video breakdown of the update from Capcom, and the official post here for another read.

Looks like this basic guide for Street Fighter V needs to be updated soon as well.

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