Street Fighter V’s Balance Update Delayed, But Here’s More DLC Costumes

If you’re looking forward for the mid-season buffs and nerfs to apply this week for Street Fighter V, bad news. The balance update that was scheduled to drop this week has been delayed indefinitely. In the Capcom Unity post, it was explained that the balance update as well as an overhaul to the online system, the Capcom Fighters Network (CFN), are tied together. The overhauled CFN, which was available for everyone to try out as a beta test on PC, still required more work however. Another round of beta test, with all access to characters (including the next DLC character for Season 2) will be made available in the near future.

In the meantime, Capcom is dropping in more costumes. If the school-themed getup is not your style, here are work-related garbs for Alex as a hunky fireman, cheerleader R.Mika and office girl Chun-Li. These are all premium costumes, so you have to cough up some real money to get these.

Alongside that, Capcom also released the new Capcom Pro Tour Premier Pass. Like last year, proceeds from this DLC will help increase the prize pool of Capcom Cup- which was at $230,000 USD taken home by USA’s up-and-coming player NuckleDu. This year’s bundle includes two fancy garbs for Ryu and Ken (with good looking hair for once), a new stage and another costume designed with input from last year’s Capcom Cup champion.

All the content can be bought piecemeal or in bundle with the Premier Pass. It’s a limited time deal- it will only be available until the end of November.

All the new costumes should be available now. The new Thailand stage that was supposed to be available now is held off from sales until the music for the stage has been adjusted due to the discovery of religious chants.

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