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Street Fighter V Arcade Edition’s Day 1 Patch Is A Massive One

Clear some big, big space for the update


Street Fighter V Arcade Edition, the latest update to the 2016 fighting game which accompanies a new disc release, will hit very soon but you probably need to clear some space. A lot of space.

As tweeted by Matt Edwards, Community and Esports Manager for Capcom, the day one patch will be a massive 21GB download.


This is expected since Arcade Edition is also a free update to Street Fighter V, so if you bought the game already, all the new changes, new modes and balance changes will be included. Those that bought the disc versions need to update the game as well to get the new modes as well, as mentioned on Playstation Blog.

Regardless, you probably need to clear up some space for the incoming patch/update. PS4 players should clear up more space than the required 21GB to ensure the system can download it, or get an external hard disk to expand your storage.

In other news, Sakura, the first DLC character for Season 3, will be available for everyone with the game to try once Arcade Edition launches, until January 23rd.

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition is expected to be live on 16th January for the PS4 and PC.