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Step Into The Danger Zone Trailer And See Burnout’s Crash Mode


So how close could Three Fields Entertainment, the indie studio founded by ex-Criterion folks, could make a game like Burnout without calling it Burnout? Really close it seems. We finally have the first trailer to Danger Zone, the spiritual successor to the beloved Crash Mode in the Burnout games. This time there’s no gimmicks, it’s just you driving car and¬†wreck as many vehicles in the area as possible.

Here’s the trailer:

As you can see, the setup here is that you are in a simulated car testing facility, crashing as much as you can. Aside from the change in setting, there’s a lot in common with the old Crash Mode. Pickups, crashbreakers (called smashbreakers here), some bit of presumably traffic checking and the fly-over cam racking up your score as you witness the destruction you’ve unleashed.

It’s Burnout’s Crash Mode, but prettier. What more could you ask? Maybe the appropriate Kenny Loggins song for the menu would be nice.

Danger Zone is out on PC and PS4 on May 30.