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Stellaris Now Available For Pre-Order, New Trailer Released


The ambitious 4X space game Stellaris by Paradox Interactive is now available for pre-order right now. Pricing starts at RM75, with Nova and Galaxy editions offering up more exclusive items- including the original soundtrack.

To celebrate the announcement, Paradox released a new trailer, detailing the overview of a game of Stellaris. From your humble beginnings of discovery Faster Than Light (FTL) travel, meeting other inhabitants of the stars, to late-game crises and border tensions that can only be settled with having many warships and defences at hand. Check it out:

There’s just something special about Stellaris that has the game more of my attention by the days. Paradox is bringing a lot new things to the genre with having technology not depending on a tree, but a slightly random choice of three. You have survey ships, with a hero scientist on the crew to scout the stars and investigate anomalies. Then there’s the complexity of governance. You can only control a certain number of planet directly and you can hand over the controls of certain planets to governors. Be careful to not leave them unhappy, as they can revolt and rebel, splitting themselves out from your empire. A lot of the crazy things that can happen from their grand strategy games, like Crusader Kings II and Europa Universalis IV, is happily present in Stellaris.

If you’re curious to see how the gameplay works, Paradox has been running a weekly livestream of the game. No, the game isn’t finished just yet, and there are many bugs that were encountered live. You can check out the archives of the streams on their Paradox Extra channel.

Stellaris is set to release on May 9th on the PC.