Steep Open Beta To Start On November 18

Steep, the “open-world” extreme sports game about snowboards, skis, wingsuits and paraglides set in the Alps was the hidden surprise Ubisoft has at E3 this year. With a launch date of this December, Ubisoft is offering everyone to participate in the open beta, starting on November 18. The open beta lasts for 4 days, with November 21 the last day of the beta.

In addition, those who registered can get early access to the beta, that starts on November 10 to 14. If you haven’t done yet, you can register here and see if you can get a slot.

What’s in the beta? It seems three of the seven areas available in the game will be open, with various challenges and Mountain Stories (story-driven challenges). Should be enough meat to test out if the Steep could be the revival of good old winter sports game sorely missing this generation.

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