Steelrising Is The New Game From Spiders, Set In The French Revolution But With Robots

RPG specialists Spiders have revealed their next new game under new owners Nacon at the recent Nacon Connect. It’s called Steelrising.

The teaser trailer below shows a diorama that evokes that famous painting of the French Revolution (Liberty Leading the People by Eugène Delacroix). Only there’s robots and androids.

Steelrising is set in an alternative timeline during the French Revolution. In this timeline, King Louis XVI has not only become a tyrant, but a tyrant amassing a robot army to quell a revolution movement against him.

You play as Aegis, a female robot bodyguard to Queen Marie-Antoinette who is tasked to put an end to King Louis XVI’s robot tyranny.

Steelrising aims to be more action-oriented, with vertically to the environment like being able to climb on a balcony. Aegis can equip up to seven different weapon archetypes.

Steel Rising will be coming to PC and next-gen consoles, with no release date yet.


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