Steam’s Remote Play Together Is Now Live- Play Couch Multiplayer Games With Friends Online

Steam’s Remote Play Together feature, which was in beta not long ago, is now live for everyone. Now you can play couch co-op games with friends online via Steam Remote Play.

This works on top of Steam Remote Play, which lets you stream your game on other devices- not directly through the cloud, but rather through your PC. So the way Remote Play Together works is that it broadcasts the stream to your friends while you on your side run the game natively. So no install or purchase needed for any of them. You can connect with up to four, and possibly more players should you have a fast internet connection.

To set it up should be easy, you just go to your Friends tab, select a friend, right-click and select Remote Play Together. You can adjust voice and game volume of the stream your friends getting. And you can let friends have access to your keyboard and mouse inputs should you choose to as well. But only the game stream is broadcasted, nothing on the desktop will be exposed.

To celebrate the launch, there is a Steam page highlighting the many couch-multiplayer games that work with Remote Play Together. Some are on sale too.

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