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Steam Winter Sale Features Northpole Noir Comic


It’s the Steam winter sale! Wallets! Money! Paypal transactions! MOLpoints! eClub Points! Death! All these things await us in the coming fortnight as millions of pounds are spent on videogames under the guise of saving thousands. We get gifts and distractions from family, game developers get money and Gabe gets that fifth backscratcher made of emerald encrusted diamonds he’s been after for his dog. And probably a new knife.


The most significant is the Northpole Noir comic which will be updated, presumably, every day through the sale with another page of story from Gingerbread Jake’s dark-fantasy tale of murder and mystery at the top of the world. He has a candy cane standin for a cigarette and it looks like Santa has either killed someone or been murdered. Fun fact: the barcode on the comic is apparently similar to Agent 47’s back-of-the-neck tattoo.



Meanwhile, you’re now able to earn the new set of winter trading cards simply by browsing your discovery queue, the little section of Steam you probably haven’t touched since they launched it which asks you if you’re interested in various games it think you might be. Get through your queue and you’ll get a card. Do it some more and you’ll get two extra cards to sell for pennies on the market or craft the badge.


There’s a bit more info on all that in the new card FAQ. As always, I’ll pretend to be better than all that and then diligently earn my three cards a day anyway, craft the badge and then have a long, hard look in the mirror at what I’ve become. I nearly hard-locked my computer, multiple times, with auto-clickers during Summer. I’m the problem.

Happy-banging the Winter Sale guys!