Steam Begins Selling Software Tutorial Videos


If you can tear yourself away from Steam’s terribly organised Halloween sale, you may have noticed that a new sub-section has been added to the Videos sections of the store. Joining documentaries, movies, episodic stuff and short films is the new Software Tutorials section, which features videos teaching you how to, for instance, make 3D models or their accompanying textures.


There’s a not a huge amount on there at the moment, but you can pay to, for example, learn how to texture a sci-fi gun, or make assets in Blender. Each tutorial differs in the amount of content offered; for instance, the Blender one contains 51 short videos and the associated files, for £6.99 (RM46.07).

Compared to other paid tutorial series, you won’t be able to download these videos—you’ll have to stream them online over Steam. Many of the reviews I’ve seen are hugely negative about Steam’s video streaming, so if you’re interested in any of these tutorial vids, it might be worth buying them from somewhere else (providing another option is available).

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