Stealth Action Game Justice Sucks Stars A Robot Vacuum Cleaner With A Gun

You know those memes about a Roomba with a gun duct-taped on top of it? What if that is somehow a video game premise? Developer Samurai Punk and publisher TinyBuild announced Justice Sucks, a game starring a murder death robot vacuum cleaner.

Set in the ’90s TV universe, you play as Dusty the Roomba-esque robot vacuum cleaner where you are on a quest to avenge the death of your owner’s family. You will have to make use of stealth, set traps, hack devices and engage in direct combat.

This includes having a gun taped on top of the vacuum cleaner, done so by sucking one found lying around the map. You can even manifest your powers to become a hunk of a humanoid for a short time and punch them into pieces as your last resort. Because reasons.

Enemies splat into puddles of blood, so to maintain stealth you still get to do what vacuum cleaners do best, cleaning up the mess.

Justice Sucksis “sucking soon”, a Steam page for the game can be found here.

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