Starfield Update With Better Surface Maps And Full Ship Clutter Customisation Now Available

The latest update for Bethesda Game Studio’s Starfield, previously only available on the Steam Beta branch, is out now on Xbox and PC.

The update, or the May 2024 Update, was revealed 20 days ago with its biggest feature being new detailed surface maps. Not only the surface map actually shows the surface ala Skyrim’s, but there are also terrain markings and marked points of interest. This should make navigating the hand-created locales of Starfield like New Atlantis much much easier.

Fans of clutter detailing homes can now do the same on ships, utilising the same system seen when decorating outposts.

There are now more difficulty options, including separate difficulties for on-foot combat and flight combat. You can respec before starting New Game+, the game has more framerate and visual settings on Xbox Series X and more.

All of these have been known already, it’s just that it’s finally rolled out and not only available in the special Steam Beta branch.

Expect more Starfield content to come with the Shattered Space expansion as well as the tease of land vehicles.

Starfield is out now on Xbox Series and PC (Steam, Microsoft Store). Check out our review of the game here.

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