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Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass Is Free Right Now


Head’s up: if you haven’t bought the Season Pass for Star Wars Battlefront, it’s now free. The Season Pass added four big chunks of DLC that includes 16 new maps and 4 new modes. This includes maps based on last year’s Rogue One movie.

While the season pass is free on all platforms right now, but for Asia this only applies to the PC version on Origin. You can grab it as Origin’s On The House offer here.

As for the Playstation Store in Asia, it is still having the asking price of RM99. We will update the story should the situation change.

EA has a history of giving away DLC like this. Battlefield 3 got a slow roll-out of DLC being offered free while Titanfall’s season pass was made free entirely. Moving forward, the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront II will not feature a season pass.