Stadia’s Games And Pricing To Be Revealed On June 6th Livestream

"Some news can't wait for E3"

If you think EA’s EA Play undercutting E3 by having the non-E3 affiliated event early, then there’s another competitor in that market. Google’s Stadia will be announcing the much-promised details on its games list and pricing on June 6th in its first Stadia Connect.

Stadia Connect will be livestreamed on YouTube (of course) on June 6th, 9AM PDT (June 7th, 12AM Malaysian Time, +8GMT).

Stadia was first revealed at GDC 2019. Google’s entry into the gaming market is not with a console but a streaming service, which isn’t coming to Southeast Asia yet with its first launch. Still, with Microsoft also pushing for game streaming with Project xCloud, it’s good to just keep our ears on such developments, even if it’s not something feasible in this region at the moment.

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