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Square Enix is Go-ing Crazy


Having achieved success with both Lara Croft Go and Hitman Go, it appears the stylised boardgame-like games are not stopping.

Spotted by the keen eyes of one NeoGaf user, ekim, it seems that domain names for Just Cause Go, Life is Strange Go, Deus Ex Go, Thief Go and Tomb Raider Go have been registered using CSC Domain Tools. This tool has been employed by Square for many of its projects.

With so many franchises under their brand, this could just be Square trying to cover all their bases. However, the success of the Go series cannot be discounted, and thus, the potential of such titles has this writer excited and anticipating what they can come up with.

Hitman (1)Hitman (2)

Lara Croft Go and Hitman Go are puzzle games, featuring board like environments that require players to engage and complete objectives in turn-based fashion while avoiding enemies and potential environmental pitfalls.

Are you excited for more of the spinoff series? I know I am!