Squadron 42, Star Citizen’s Single-Player Campaign, Is Now Feature-Complete

Cloud Imperium Games, the developers behind the ambitious spaceflight sim Star Citizen, made a big announcement at the recent CitzenCon.

Squadron 42, the single-player campaign (or as the developers describe it, the “companion single-player spaceflight sim”) is now feature-complete and is undergoing the polishing state.

The reveal trailer shows how a lot of in-game footage, from what seems to be the intro cinematic to gameplay in space and on land.

When on foot, there are environmental puzzles where you can use the multi-tool to grab or cut objects. There are gunfights and zero-g floating. And plenty of character animations to make you feel immersed.

There’s plenty of motion-capture and voice work being demonstrated here, including a character played by Mark Hamill.

Squadron 42 will either be the game for people disappointed with Starfield’s take on a space adventure, or bring in another group of disappointed players that the space game they thought they would love didn’t do everything they expected in a space game. Or maybe we get the good end where Squadron 42 will live to the promise of being this generation’s Wing Commander.

Squadron 42 has no release date yet. Star Citizen is playable but still in development- now in version Alpha 3.20.

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