Sparco Is Now Making Racing Sim Seaters And Gaming Chairs

Seen those gaming chairs that would look just fine as a racing seat in your car? Well it has now come full circle as Sparco, one of the leading brands that makes racing seats for cars (as well as various car accessories) are now making seats for racing sims and gaming chairs. The new division, Sparco Gaming, aims to provide their expertise in seat design to provide the utmost comfort for the hardcore sim racers as well as casual gamers.

It makes sense for them to transition to gaming. With racing sims or sim-focused racers getting more realistic, and thus more use to professional drivers, it should be a similar market as Sparco has been dealing with. Plus, having a real racing seat manufacturer making gaming seats that have been more or less look like racing seats sounds appropriate, isn’t it?

With the announcement, Sparco has outline three different models of gaming chairs, Grip, Stint and Comp. The racing sim seater (cockpit) shown above is called the Evolve. Sparco touts it to offer the same driving position as to what its studies on racing has pointed to. Sounds pretty neat, but we need to give it a test drive of our own to really know if it’s good or not.

But still, seeing a major brand crossing to the gaming market is an interesting move to see. It definitely shows how attractive the market is for them to take the plunge. We will see if Sparco can compete with other established gaming chair manufacturers in the future.

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