Soundtracks Of Classic Sega Games Now On Spotify

Sega fans rejoice! If you guys have been missing the classic Sega games from the 80’s & 90’s, then be prepared for a walk down memory lane. Just log in to your Spotify, search the artist ‘SEGA’ & you’re in for some serious nostalgia.

About 20 classic soundtracks of games from the company’s golden era have been released recently on its Spotify page. This include soundtracks from NiGHTS Into Dream, Out Run & even Virtua Fighters. Sega has already added the soundtracks from other of its standouts including Sonic The Hedgehog, Golden Axes, Skies Of Arcadia & Jet Set Radio prior to this.

Those good memories are coming back when listening to these old soundtracks especially when we spent a good chunk of our youth in the arcade store. Sega recognizes this & decided to release these soundtracks as a token of remembrance for its loyal fans. Although it may still difficult to stream soundtracks directly from other gaming companies, lucky for us, Spotify was spot on when they launched a section dedicated for video games last year. The playlists include everything for one’s gaming needs, ranging from Metal Gear Solid soundtracks to playlist suitable for some intense Overwatch sessions. For now, I am content with a journey into dreams with these NiGHTS soundtracks.

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