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Soul Calibur VI Trailer Showcases Misturugi And DLC Character Haohmaru In A Samurai Shodown


Crossover characters from different franchises in a fighting game is always a pleasant one. Soul Calibur VI is getting another guest character, after Geralt and 2B, with Haohmaru.

What better way to show off the gameplay of the Samurai Shodown character than to have him face Mitsurugi for a battle of samurais. A Samurai showdown, if you will.

As you’d expect, Haohmaru carries over a lot of his moves from Samsho, though we don’t get to see him side-stepping just yet. Still, it’s a good look of his moveset, and how good he looks alongside the Soul Calibur cast. The English trailer here also has Haohmaru speaking English.

Haohmaru is the second of four DLC characters coming to the second season pass for Soul Calibur VI. Soul Calibur VI is out now on PS4, PC and Xbox One.