Sony Working On PS VR2 Support On PC

The PS VR2 is a nice VR headset, but it’s exclusively tied to work only with a PS5. And with the game offerings on PS VR2 being as it is right now, there’s really not much to justify the RM2999 purchase. This, for all intents and purposes, PS5 peripheral, is more expensive than the PS5, which retails here in Malaysia at RM2,499 (or RM2,069 sans disc drive).

However, the recent PlayStation Blog has revealed a nugget of good news: PlayStation is testing “the ability for PS VR2 players to access additional games on PC”.

This feature is planned to go live sometime this year.

On Steam, based on SteamDB, there’s at least 5,877 VR games launched in the ten-year span from 2013 to 2023. And compare that to the PS VR library which, at the time of writing, is limited at 140 games. Granted, not all 5000+ games on Steam are absolute bangers, but the fact is that VR is much more supported on PC than it is on PlayStation.

If anything, if PS VR2 can be used on PC, it would open it up to the wider VR gaming community who primarily operates on PC. From the roleplayers hanging out on VRChat to sim racers playing Dirt Rally or a heavily modded Assetto Corsa.

PlayStation has been making a push to attract PC gamers by releasing more games on PC. The most recent release, Helldivers 2, has been topping Steam’s Top Selling chart since its launch two weeks ago to the point that servers are at max capacity at 450,000 concurrent players.

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