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Sony Will Hold a “Playstation Meeting” Event On September, Likely To Introduce Neo


Playstation 4.5? Playstaion 4K? Whatever the official name of Sony’s codenamed Project Neo, the long-rumoured console that is expected to be a more powerful PS4 and will co-exist with the orignal black trapezoid box, we can expect it coming soon. Sony just sent out invites to a “Playstation Meeting” where they will “share details about the Playstation business”. Sounds like a press conference.

The September 7 event is likely to be the enveiling of the new PS4, according to the reports by Vice Gaming. The two writers of the report were previously writers for Giant Bomb and Kotaku which had independently reported the rumours about the Neo and the one of the first to broke the news.

Sony initially confirmed its existance before E3, where it did not made an appearance. It is most likely Sony wants to wait a bit and finalise everything before making a proper reveal. Microsoft, on the other hand, confirmed thier stronger Xbox One, Project Scorpio, on stage at E3 but have not much firm details other than an expected launch date.

We will soon discover if it is indeed the reveal of the Neo, or it could just be any other thing Sony is developing.