Sony Acknowledges PS4.5’s Existence, Won’t Be Shown At E3

Well, isn’t this surprising? After all the rumours and speculations, the more powerful version of the PS4, codenamed Neo, also referred as the PS4.5/PS4K, is official. Playstation’s Andrew House confirms its existence to the Financial Times and it confirms support of 4K resolutions.

This new PS4 is “intended to sit alongside and complement the PS4”, and costs a bit more than the standard one currently sold. House has yet to reveal the full specs of this new PS4, but what details that have been confirmed so far lines up with what the rumours are reporting in.

This rather unexpected announcement is due to the Neo not being shown in the upcoming E3 due to lack of content to show at the current stage.

If you’ve read our article on what to expect from this year’s E3 starting this Monday local time, well, better lower your expectations a bit when Sony’s press conference kicks off.

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