Sons of The Forest Brings Their Survival Horror Prowess Next May

One of big contributors towards the rise of the indie survival horror scene was Endnight and their fun but janky at times game,The Forest. Where you play as a dad stuck in a cannibalistic island to find your son, whilst juggling your food and drinks systems.

The developers announced the game back in 2019 during The Game Awards and has been radio silence until a recently, a bunch of trailers pop-up.

This latest trailer showcase more of the game in motion, like the crafting being more intricate and the new enemy types being expanded. And even the multiplayer co-op aspect has seen some improvement too, with a new female character joining the battles as seen within the trailer, along with an appearance of the first game’s protagonist too (perhaps for story reasons).

So this new title by Endnight is looking good so far, The Sons of The Forest will launch for PC on 22 May next year.

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