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Sombra Is Out Now, Along With Various Balance Changes In Overwatch’s Latest Update


After a long period of experimental changes, Blizzard is rolling out the changes to the latest Overwatch update and finally giving everybody the new hero everyone was waiting for so long: atch, FPS, and backline harasser. Arcade mode is also present, with the inclusion of Ecopiont: Antartica, a new map for 1v1 and 3v3 modes, and the home to all future brawls, now playable in a playlist. The update is now live to PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

There’s some big changes in terms of balance. Ultimates in general are now slower to get. A good thing since at high levels of play ults happen way too frequently, to the result that it’s more of a matter which team pressed Q the best. Ana’s Nana Boost ult has finally got whacked with the nerf hammer, now allowing for increase damage dealing and damage protection but without the increased speed. Top picks Zarya and Lucio gets a bit of a nerf as well to the barriers and Amp It Up’s health boost respectively. Pharah and Solider: 76 got some love with some damage increase, but Pharah players might feel a bit mix now that she can fly higher but can knock back enemies with just the rockets. Check out the patch notes for the full list to see all the changes.

With the free weekend just around the corner, Blizzard had all the incentive to get all new content for everyone to enjoy. We’ll see if they update the info if free players will experience all this new content and changes (which is highly likely).