So, What Is zGold-MOLPoints?

Razer and MOL have entered a strategic partnership and celebrated that with a two-day event at Berjaya Times Square last weekend. This new partnership will see MOLPoints be rebranded as zGold-MOLPoints. The two-day event saw a 3V3 Overwatch tournament and a Street Fighter V tournament held.

But what is zGold-MOLPoints, actually? It’s a bit confusing, but based on the info we have, here’s a breakdown on what exactly it is.

It’s still MOLPoints, but with a new name

MOLPoints have been around in Southeast Asia for a while. Folks who have been playing MMOs at cyber cafes all these years would be familiar with it. It’s a currency tied to a MOL account that can be used in various games. Think Steam Wallet, but for games that you see a lot in cyber cafes (most of them being MMOs).

With the new partnership with Razer, MOL will use Razer’s globally recognised brand. Razer has their own currency system, zGold. Which is why MOLPoints will now be called zGold-MOLPoints.

Features that were available in MOLPoints will still carry on. This is a just a rebrand, slapping a new name if you will.

zGold is still it’s own thing

While the two virtual currencies share the zGold name, they are not the same. zGold and zGold-MOLPoints are two different currencies. 100 zGold-MOLPoints equates to RM1 while 100 zGold equates to $1 USD. You will need to have two different accounts for these currencies- a Razer ID for zGold and a MOL account for zGold-MOLPoints.

zGold and zSilver are Razer’s own virtual currency system. Like zGold-MOLPoints, zGold can be used to buy DLC, micro-transactions and even games. zSilver acts similar to loyalty points, topping up zGold and several other activities will earn you zSilver. Earn enough and you can use it to redeem Razer products.

Expect more tie-ins from both currencies in the future

In Razer’s press release, it was mentioned that users registered with Razer and zGold holders can get access to MOL’s catalogue of games and services. On MOL’s FAQ about zGold-MOLPoints, it is mentioned that in the future, topping up zGold-MOLPoints will let you earn zSilver.

In short, this partnership should benefit us gamers in the long run. But for now, this is just a rebrand of MOLPoints- not a major change. We should see more tie-ins as both parties continue this deal in the future.

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