SMASH+GRAB Is Free For The Weekend On Steam

The new game by Sleeping Dogs developer United Front Games is having a free weekend on Steam. SMASH+GRAB is a multiplayer brawler with teams of three players, each with their own abilities, lieutenants, and goons, team up and against another team to grab as much loot left in the storefronts, while preventing the other team doing the same with some third-person melee and shooting action.

The game is still in Early Access, and has been improving at a steady rate. It was patched 7 times, claimed the developer in the update announcement. SMASH+GRAB will also see a discount for the Early Access version of the game during this period, priced at RM32.80.

If you have no plans this weekend and can afford to download it fast enough, give it a try. The concept sounds novel, and it should give you an impression if it’s worth spending money right now or wait until it is fully release. You can give it a go by clicking this download link here.

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