SMASH+GRAB Announced, Multiplayer Brawler From The Makers Of Sleeping Dogs

United Front Games are mostly known for developing Sleeping Dogs, a project that was caught in development hell but eventually released as a decent open-world GTA-like experience with a Hong Kong flair. Their next project? The now defunct Triad Wars, a free-to-play multiplayer game set in the same universe as Sleeping Dogs, but it unfortunately did not catch on and development has now ceased.

Which come to our attention of their latest announced project titled SMASH+GRAB. It is a multiplayer action game where you have a gang of five- a leader, a lieutenant, and three grunts, face off against other gangs to loot as much as you can by, erm.. smashing and grabbing. While you loot the shops in a race to collect $50,000 worth of loot, you can also smash and grab your opponents, engage them in combat with ranged or melee weapons or even just bare hands. And yes, you can loot the the other gangs as well if you prefer not to grab the goods yourself from the shelves.

The action combat will be a better version of what we have seen in Sleeping Dogs, which also borrowed a lot from the Batman Arkham games. Loadouts, perks outfit are all customizable.

Here’s the teaser trailer:

The game will be available in Early Access next month, and will continue to add more content as United Front Games aims to officially launch in six months time after Early Access. What will be available in the Early Access version are 2 maps and modes, 7 playable leaders, 13 Lieutenants, 12 base weapons with 8 weapon mods.

Looks promising, but in the wake of Triad Wars not succeeding, it is a bit odd to see them taking another jab with multiplayer-based game. Hopefully those who jumped for Early Access will report in good vibes when the game is available on PC via Steam this September.

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