Slash And Air Dash Through Cyberspace In Katana Rama, Out Now

Malaysian-based indie devs Ghost Machine Games released a new game called Katana Rama.

As featured on 20m Podcast’s Malaysia Direct special livestream, Katana Rama has you play a hacker (in more ways than one) making your way into a cyber labyrinth with your trusty katana and your platforming abilities.

Katana Rama is described as a mobility-based game, as in you get some good, floaty jumps, wallrides, and of course, air dashes. The katana can one-hit kill some enemies, while tougher ones needed to be stun using energy stored gained from one-hit-killing weaker enemies. Also, you can chain your katana hits where you air dash mid-air while doing so. Sick.

Katana Rama features boss fights and procedurally generated levels, delivered in a deliberate low-poly art style.

Katana Rama is out now on PC (Steam) with a demo available.

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