Sky Garden: Farm in Paradise Is A Popular Free-To-Play Mobile Game Made In Vietnam

We have plenty of game development being done here in Southeast Asia, and most of the successful titles around here are free-to-play mobile games. Not surprising since console and PC games can have quite an asking price that not many can afford to do (hence, piracy). But here’s one interesting mobile game made by Vietnam-based VNG Studios, Sky Garden: Farm in Paradise.

The gist of the gameplay is mostly the typical farming game in mobile games, but with a twist in the aesthetic (you’re doing it in the sky!) and has trading system as well as a set of daily rewards. But the big takeaway here is it’s currently pretty popular. So popular that it took home the People’s Choice award at the 1st IMGA SEA recently. That should drive home how strong the player base is to win the only award that requires voting to win.

If you want to see what the hype is all about, you can get the game for free for Android devices here.

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