Sit Back, Relax, And Browse Twitter While In VR With Anywhere VR

Do you ever thought that all you want to do wearing a VR headset is to just look at a pretty scenery to blow off some steam? That would be pretty boring isn’t it? Now, what if you could browse your phone and tweet while lounging in VR? Then Sony has the right app for you!

Anywhere VR is being developed by Sony Music Entertainment that allows you do just that. Select from a list of different scenery you wish to be around and just sit back and relax while some soothing ambiance playing in the background. Interestingly, the demonstrative feature video shown during Sony’s Tokyo Game Show press conference shows that the app can mirror your phone screen thus allowing you to browse your phone without taking the headset off. It is still not clear on how the screen mirroring actually works- maybe the phone needs to connect to an app of some kind?- but it is selling a novel idea that may require some interesting tech to make it work.

But we are not sold on it just yet. We need to see how the tech works in person to see if it’s worth hyping about, but the idea they are selling might just be enough for casual gamers or the mainstream market to see an appeal to it.

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