SINoALICE Act Of Reality Story Chapter Releases October 30

SINoALICE, the grim free-to-play mobile RPG by Yoko Taro, is getting its third story chapter (after Act Of Impulse and Act Of Hatred) release later this week.

Titled Act Of Reality, the fairy tale characters of Alice, Red Riding Hood, Little Mermaid and Dorothy have found themselves into the real world. New stronger enemies will appear in this story chapter.

You will need to catch clear Chapter 5, Verse 10 to access the new Act Of Reality missions. Clearing all the missions will net you Alice/Alternative, the first new Act Of Reality character drop.

SINoALICE’s Act Of Reality update will arrive on October 30, after a period of maintenance. There will also be special login bonus (30 twilight crystals for daily login) starting October until November 20.

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