Sim Racer iRacing Has Added A Bunch Of Great Content This Year

If you are serious about sim racing, you might have heard of iRacing. One of the best sim racers out there, the game has been getting a bunch of new content throughout the year. Very significant ones too.

As a recap to what they did, the official YouTube channel has a little video highlighting all the new stuff that has been added. From new tracks (like Daytona and Silverstone) and cars (Formula 3 and V8 Supercars) to new gameplay functions (AI racers, dynamic day-night cycle), there’s a lot of work being put out here.

iRacing is a bit of a behemoth to get into. It requires a subscription, and some content are paid DLC. That said, if you are serious with your sim racing, and want to race with generally other serious sim racers, iRacing is still the king of the crop if you have a PC.

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