Ship And Trading Simulator Game Sailing Era Out Now

Here’s a fascinating new title from publisher BilliBilli. Sailing Era is a game about sailing ships during the 15th-17th century. It’s billed itself as a sailing sim, with naval combat and trading at ports.

You don’t play as pirates, but you do get to face them in combat, either via ships or on board as characters slash swords.

The world of Sailing Era is the real-world around the 15th century, featuring the port cities you’d expect of the time. There’s a weather system that will make navigating the waters treacherous and challenging.

The game features 2D portrait art for its characters and town backgrounds, but a 3D presentation of the ships when in the seas. In the towns and ports, over 150 of them dot the map, you can interact with a cast of characters, including indulging in romance.

In a lot of ways, Sailing Era, developed by GY Games, has the elements of Sid Meier’s Pirates!, a game about sailing the seas and making your own adventure.

If you fancy a game about sailing ships that isn’t Skull And Bones because that’s getting delayed again, Sailing Era might be worth checking out. The game’s out now on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store, and coming to PlayStation, Xbox and Switch later this year.

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