Shapez 2 Is Getting A Demo As Part Of Steam Next Fest

Shapez 2 (stylised as shapez 2) will be getting a demo. The sequel to the shape-making factory builder game by tobspr Games will go live in the next Steam Next Fest starting January 25.

The demo will include 2 hours worth of content, with no time limit. The demo will have a tutorial, tips, a Knowledge Panel which serves as a guide tool, and several side objectives to complete, including some challenges exclusive to the demo.

You can also use Shapez 2’s new blueprint sharing feature. This allows you to create a template to save, copy and even share it online with friends and the community.

Shapez 2 will be releasing sometime this year as an Early Access title on Steam.

“Players joining us in Early Access can expect a full, polished game right from the get go, with new features and late-game content being added during the Early Access period,” said Tobias Springer, founder of tobspr Games. “We’re showing off our current progress already with our Steam Next Fest demo, available for everyone!”

Shapez 2 expands on the original’s simple but engrossing factory builder and automation game by adding a new dimension, height. You will need to extract and form specific shapes, all transported via a conveyor belt line of your making. But for the sequel, you can now place machineries on a different layer of height. So it’s not just a sprawling spaghetti mess, it’s a sprawling spaghetti mess in 3D.

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