Shadows Of The Damned Remaster In The Works

Shadows Of The Damned, the fascinating third-person shooter that Goichi “Suda51” Suda and Shinji Mikami collaborated together to create, is getting a remaster.

Developer Grasshopper Manufacture announced the news in the most Grasshopper way, the appearance of the game’s protagonist Garcia Hotspur in Grasshopper’s office shooting at a non-mecha version of Suda51 (which he dodged) and then shooting community manager in the head, defenestrating him in the process. Poor James.

Engine Software will be collaborating with Grasshopper for Shadows Of The Damned: Remastered.

Shadows Of The Damned was released in 2011 and despite the star power names that led the development and the backing of major publisher EA, the game was just okay and received mildly positive reception.

Even more fascinating is that the very first Grasshopper Direct will take place on June 14, 9 PM PST (June 15, 8 PM Malaysia Time, +8 GMT).

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