Shadow Warrior 2 Is A No-Frills FPS With Guns, Katanas, And Stan Bush

Shadow Warrior was an FPS game back in the 90’s that appears after the establishment of the FPS genre. It was filled with gore, attitude and some crude humour, developed by 3D Realms, the same team that used to make Duke Nukem. If Duke is all about macho American man, Shadow Warrior centers on a modern ninja warrior named.. Lo Wang.

Fast forward to 2013, the series got a reboot. Now under the banner of indie publishers Devolver Digital and developed by Poland-based Flying Wild Hog, Shadow Warrior retains the series’ crude humour, gore and fast action by including guns and katanas. Plus, it had Stan Bush’s The Touch (The Transformers Movie song) playing in the opening credits.

Today, we will be getting a sequel. Shadow Warrior 2 is building on the success of the reboot, but it’s mixing things up with some procedural-based levels and a loot system. You can dual wield katanas, chakras and Wolverine-like claws now too. And Stan Bush is still involved: the launch trailer below is using The Touch, but Devolver managed to commission him to do an original song for the game.

Shadow Warrior 2 is still available for pre-order on Steam, with a 10% discount at RM67.50. The base price will be RM75 starting tomorrow. Shadow Warrior 2 will also be available on the PS4 and Xbox One.

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