Senpai! Let It Die Confirmed For February 2 Release In Asia

Get ready to be greeted by Uncle Death and suplexing haters as Let It Die has now been confirmed for an Asian release. Playstation Blog Asia confirmed it will be coming on February 2, the date we first reported to be the Japanese release.

The hack-and slash, Souls-like, rouge-like action game is entirely free-to-play, though there are micro-transactions. Oddly enough you can pre-order the game for RM120 to get access on various in-game items. Which are:

  • Death Metals (x40)- the premium currency
  • Express Pass (x1)- a 30-day pass for various perks
  • 1 Premium Decal- an increase of max HP by 20%

Seems like a steep offer, since the game will be free after all. We do not recommend buying them for now, but if you’re sold on the idea already and want to give some appreciation money to the devs, we won’t stop you.

The release will be in Japanese and English, so that means most of South-East Asia should have access to Let It Die.

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